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JUAN ON ONE Baseball Training is proud to offer instruction on the basic mechanics of proper hitting, fielding, pitching, catching and conditioning. We also offer a variety of programs for players with varying skill levels, such as 1st Base Group for 3 and 4-year olds, 2nd Base Group for players seeking advanced instruction to strengthen & heal and 3rd Base Group for high school and college athletes.

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A story with a Happy Ending

It all began in the small provincial town of San Pedro de Macoris. Juan Perez, at 8 years old, had a choice... play baseball or work to help bring food to the table. He played ball! 

 Juan was a pretty good player and he got better through out the years. He had to purchase his own equipment to play, equipment that his family could not afford, so he sold fruits at "El Malecon" a busy main street that overlooked the ocean and he also became the town's favorite shoe shine boy. He played in fields with poor conditions, but his coaches passion and persistence kept him motivated and kept him going.

Despite Juan loving the game, it was hard for him to play. Even though he lived and breathed baseball, he often had to hide the fact he was so dedicated to the sport. His father didn't fully support him and always pushed him to work instead and since juan was such a quiet and reserved boy, his family and surrounding neighbors didn't think he the spirit to play well enough. That was till his 15th birthday when he signed up for his first try out.

Juan was 15 full of hope and full of energy to play,  but scouters felt he wasn't full enough...literally. Juan was really skinny and malnourished. His physical condition led the Toronto Blue Jays to send him to their live-in camp where he received proper nutrition, learned english and trained vigorously. After months of training and better nutrition Juan was signed by the Toronto Blue Jays as a starting pitcher and later became one of their pitching coaches. 

Juan's passion for baseball remains alive and has developed the need to help others achieve their dream of playing ball.



We're excited to welcome Former Atlanta Braves Player:

Cristhian Martínez

Cristhian Martínez is a Dominican former professional Major League Baseball Player. He pitched for the Florida Marlins

and the Atlanta Braves in his five season career.

Martinez is available for private lessons and packages.

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